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If you ever had problems with online advertising, then take a good look at it! You will get to know the wonderful benefits that come along with digital marketing and how you can use them to your advantage. By following this guide, it will take your marketing to a whole other level!
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Let’s Get Started With The Digital Onboarding

Digital marketing is an umbrella definition of all online marketing protocols and efforts. Businesses make use of digital platforms to connect with their existing and potential customers.

We analyzed different digital marketing definitions and based on them we mixed up our new one:

Digital Marketing is the action of communicating relevant messages about a company and its production or services to a targeted audience, using relevant digital media and technology as its preferred channels.

In this website, you will explore every aspect of digital marketing and learn how to make use of the channels to drive beneficial results.

Digital marketing channels

What will you learn from our website?

By following this guide, you will be able to penetrate even the most aggressive markets and ultimately stand out as a best seller. Here are a few things this guide hopes to teach you:

  • Why you should stick to digital marketing?

Get to know all the wonderful benefits that come along with digital marketing and how you can use them to your advantage. It’s not about making sales. It’s about maintaining them as well!

  • Is digital marketing really worth a shot?

Oh Yes! … it is. Be informed about the degree of effectiveness this advertising has on your business and how to make every lead count.

  • Benefits and advantages of digital marketing

Get enlightened on the of assets you have at your disposal and also help you identify the ones that are most effective for digital marketing.

  • Tools and resources for digital marketing
  • Techniques, methodologies, and tricks of the trade of digital marketing
  • Different digital marketing channels and the ideal one to choose
  • Guide to becoming a digital marketer and much more

Keep in touch with the latest technologies and tools that are changing in the digital marketing world!

It’s the only way to stay relevant these days.

The best part – The Access Is Absolutely FREE!

The benefits of digital marketing

  • It’s flexible

 You can create customized campaigns, based on your customer preferences and interests.

  • You can do it online

Get detailed reports of how your business is doing. Take advantage of the various automation settings and get to send emails in your sleep.

  • Easy monitoring and access to measurable results

You can find out exactly how many users have clicked on your posts, open the email, liked, shared your posts, commented, etc.

  • Broad audience reach

Compared to traditional marketing. With digital, you can reach audiences in their preferred channel.

  • Conversion rates are easy to enhance

It is easy to convert potential customers via digital media than over the phone or one-on-one meeting.

  • Hassle-free optimization

You can always update, revamp and edit your campaigns and strategies to improve the results.

  • Inexpensive.

The techniques of digital marketing are cost-effective and highly result-driven.

  • Time-saving

 You can get real-time results. And with the tools available, it is easy to access the same. Thereby, saving you time and effort in managing campaigns.

  • Brand building opportunities

You can get the chance to promote your brand across many channels and build a solid brand reputation in the process.

  • Access to multi-platforms

 You can use various digital media to create efficient and engaging campaigns.

What Makes Digital Marketing Super Effective?

You might wonder, “why digital marketing?”

Traditional marketing vs digital marketing

A straight answer would be because it is the most effective marketing method in the 21st century that makes use of almost every type of technology created by mankind. BORING!

Are you an entrepreneur or sales personnel that has never tried digital marketing?

You have no idea the POWER it can have on your business.

Check out some of the few reasons why digital marketing is so effective:

  • Diverse audience: It can be done on practically any form of media to reach a wide number of people.
  • Comparativeness: Target audiences can be able to compare prices, designs, packaging, and branding of commodities easily.
  • Irresistibility: It is almost impossible not to look at a pop-up window or flashy advertisement. No matter how hard you try, you will still have a sneak peek.
  • Efficiency: You don’t have to go around knocking every door. One online or radio advert can go a really long way, saving you a lot of time and resources.
  • Prompt feedback: Customers are able to leave their comments immediately on various websites concerning your products. So, you don’t have the hassle of distributing questionnaires or hosting physical interviews in the name of research.

With digital marketing at your disposal, you can now reach a wider population at a very low cost and receive consumer response almost effortlessly.

The impact of digital marketing today is manifold in nature. It is benefitting people from around the world in various ways. Businesses and brands are using the techniques and platforms of digital marketing to connect with their audience and acquire potential customers.

And of course, it is enabling people to get information, create opinions, communicate and make informed decisions.

Do you know your assets?

Digital marketing assets and tactics can help you leverage your business, distribute content, send messages to your users, inform your customers about your business, brand, and products, solve user problems and be a valuable source of connectivity between businesses and users.

If you want to have impactful digital marketing, you are going to have to use every resource you can get your hands on. Know all your assets and here are some common ones:

  • Website 
  • Blogs
  • Ebooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Infographics
  • Interactive tools
  • Digital Hubs (such as Google)
  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and more)
  • Earned Media (Reviews, PR, and social media)
  • Log Books and online brochures
  • Branding assets, like, logos, fonts, etc.

Learn how to use those assets to improve your digital marketing and make your business more visible and LOUD!

Know Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Potential customers are not only the ones who are online and active. Your competitors are investing an equal amount of effort, time and money to acquire your customers. The best way to amplify your game is via digital marketing. Whether you are a digital marketer or a business owner, you need to develop and implement digital marketing strategies to grow your business and generate the desired results.

The million dollar question is, what is your digital marketing strategy?

Digital marketing strategy is a combination of many goals, tactics, and techniques. The range varies business to business. However, the strategy is focused on meeting the goals and objectives of a business or brand.

In order to start out, there are a few things you must to do.

  • Create buyer persona. Begin by setting a target for yourself. Know who exactly you want to advertise to.
  • Start with a small base of potential customers and make sure your message gets to them. You could call this a pilot strategy.
  • Identify and define goals –  Set effortless goals that you can easily achieve. Always keep it simple.
  • Curate marketing tools and resources that you will use.
  • Evaluate all your digital marketing tools, resources, and assets
  • Audit your website and social media profiles
  • Create an editorial calendar

Read forward from our guide: 5 Step Guide To Create Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing tactics to get started with

# SEO or search engine optimization – SEO will enable your users to find you online. Make your website discoverable by optimizing it for the search engine bots.
# Mobile optimization – Optimize your website for mobile users. Make it responsive first.
# Content marketing – Use the power of content marketing to connect with users.
# Digital amplification of events – Make use of event-based, in-person marketing strategies via the use of digital platforms and tools.
# Analytics for measurement – Finally, analytics to measure the of your digital marketing campaigns and improve the same to drive beneficial results.

You Should Also Work On The Following

  • Define the USP (unique selling proposition) of your product or brand you want to promote or market to your audience.
  • Define your ideal customer based on their demographics, preference, interest and why they will purchase or be interested in your product/service.
  • Describe the benefits of services/products to the core.
  • Define the methods you will use to promote or market your products/service/brand via social media, PR, advertisements, offline media, etc.
  • Define the channels of digital marketing you want to use for promoting.

Online Marketing Key Channels And Tactics

#1. Website

Website icon

A website is the key asset of digital marketing. It is brand identity and a source of business. It is the ultimate location, where you want to redirect your users to and persuade them to take the desired action.

Well, that’s exactly what you want for your digital marketing website and this guide will get you there.

How To Start A Website

#2. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing icon

Social Media Marketing is an integral part of digital marketing. It provides a real-time platform to brands to connect and communicate with audiences, as well as, promote and inform about business/products/services.

We made also step-by-step guide about how to get started in different social media channels, take a look.

Social Media Marketing Starter Guide

#3. SEM and PPC

Paid media icon PPC SEM

SEM or search engine marketing and PPC or pay per click are another protocol of digital marketing, which involves the of tactics to engage search engine bots, who in return drive users to the site. 

The Beginners Guide To PPC Marketing

#4. Email marketing

Email marketing

Email Marketing is being widely used by the organizations for spreading out the advertisements of their products and services. Email marketing has been found to be highly beneficial in gathering target customers and has seen a great improvement in the number of people following the instructions mentioned in the email and following them for subscribing to any product or service.

Email Marketing In-Depth Guide

#5. Content marketing


Just as the name of this digital marketing technique indicates, the core of marketing strategy in this marketing technique is to provide the audience with some really fine and beneficial content. 

The content needs to be relevant, consistent and valuable so that it is able to grasp the attention of different people and be useful in the content marketing approach by turning visitors into potential buyers.

Content Marketing In-Depth Guide

#6. Affiliate & influencer marketing

Influencer marketing focuses on the engaging and connecting with specific and key individuals who have an online presence and brand identity.


Affiliate & Influencer Marketing Guide

#7. Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing icon

It is a multi-channel, interactive promotion of services and products for various mobile devices and networks.


Mobile Marketing Guide

#8. Marketing automation

It involves technologies and software platforms for marketing avenues to market on multiple online channels in an automated manner, which are inclusive of emails, websites, social media, and others.

Marketing Automation Guide

#9. Native advertising

Native advertising icon

Native advertising is a paid form of editorial content which advertisers use to promote respective products or services.


Native Advertising Guide

#10. Digital PR

Online PR Outreach icon

Online PR outreach is like traditional PR – which involves the process of influencing users instead of purchasing brand placements. But in this case, it is done through digital media.


Digital PR Starter Guide

Offline Marketing Key Channels And Tactics

Offline marketing is the use of offline media platforms for the creation of brand and business awareness. The offline marketing campaigns are inclusive of print and radio advertising, signs, pamphlets, billboards, television ads and telemarketing.

  • Radio
  • Billboards
  • TV
  • Enhanced
  • Direct mail
  • Cold phone calls
  • Print media
  • Guerilla marketing

If you are interested and want to know more about offline marketing channels and opportunities, check this Localfame detailed overview.

How To Select The Right Channels

The sole purpose of advertising and marketing is to boost brand visibility and grow your business. You can do it via online marketing or offline marketing. However, the process and techniques will vary between digital marketing and traditional marketing.

Also, you will have to take into consideration the business type, market, audience demographics, whether you have a B2B or a B2C business and several other factors when choosing a specific channel to advertise your venture. You also have to analyze your budget, generating qualified leads and its cost, brand exposure, conversion value, etc. before choosing a marketing channel.

Here are a few criteria to look out for when choosing a marketing channel or platform

  • Your business goals
  • Your needs and requirements
  • Marketing requirements
  • Your budget / how much you want to invest in the campaigns
  • Your expectations

How to target digital ads

The flexible concept of digital marketing makes it easier for marketers and business owners to determine, define and direct their ads to the right audience at the right time.

Here’s how you can target digital ads:

  • Find out audience preference and what they consider to be important in their life.
  • Maintain a communication style and tone in respect to the language and style your audience can relate to.
  • Research and generate organic, information, transactional and navigational keywords.
  • Resort to retargeting.

Top13 Digital Marketing Tools And Why They Are Best To Gain Digital Marketing Success

Working on different aspects of digital marketing is a challenging task – particularly since a digital marketer. However, with the right strategy, planning, tools, and resources, you can accomplish each and every task with perfection.

There are many advantages of using online tools for your digital marketing campaigns and efforts. First and foremost, the marketing process is a continuous one. Therefore we have compared and analyzed over 100 most used marketing tools and made from it a short list.

Driving results via different digital marketing platforms – is not a single-day affair. You need to invest a lot of time and effort to generate the desired results. With the available tools, you can make the process more effective and simpler than doing everything manually.

For example, keyword research tools will help you locate the most result-driven keywords, based on what your audience is searching for online. Then there are social media marketing tools, that allows users to schedule posts as per audience activity level. You don’t have to wake up at odd hours to share posts.

The tools will schedule it for you and distribute the same, while you’re asleep!

We have gathered over the internet some of the best digital marketing tools that you can use:

  • Google Analytics – It’s a Google tool, which you can use to measure marketing channel performance, analyze advanced data and improve an overall aspect of websites.
  • Adobe Analytics – Adobe Analytics offers real-time analytics and data segmentation to access targeted and potential audiences.
  • Mixpanel – It is an advanced analytics tool specifically for web and mobile functions.
  • Appsee – The tool provides unique and impactful analytics data for user experience optimization and result generation.
  • Networked Insights – It is a social media reporting and monitoring tool.
  • Google Alerts – It is the best tool to keep regular updates in various domains.
  • Flurry – This analytics tool is ideal for tracking users, as well as, app performances.
  • Upsight – The tool allows users to identify business KPIs, create customized user experiences and determine user data and more.
  • Webtrends – It is apt for acquiring real-time customer interaction data.
  • MediaVantage – It is an effective PR tool.
  • Countly – The tool comes with a real-time and clean dashboard.
  • Localytics – The tool is useful for tracking user acquisition campaigns.
  • Kissmetrics – You can track visitors in segmentation order and use the data for conversion enhancement and revenue generation.
  • Bitly – You can use the tool to track actions via the URL links.

How To Earn Money As A Digital Marketer?

You can generate income or make money in any profession – with sheer and passion. Same goes for digital marketing. However, there is an enormous scope for earning a huge source of money as a digital marketer.

Here are a few of the methods that you can use to earn money as a digital marketer:

1. Become a Freelancer to Earn Money and Gain Experience – There are numerous outsourcing sites available online, which you can use to grab projects and gain first-hand experience as a digital marketer, as well as, earn quick bucks.

2. Blog and Earn Profits through Google AdSense – Use the platform of blogging to display relevant ads, generate traffic and earn profits.

3. Use Mobile Apps to Earn Money – There’s a surge in mobile apps – given the rise of mobile traffic and usage. Tap the opportunity by having your own application.

4. Earn Money Through YouTube – YouTube is the best way to not only share your views, opinions but also access a plethora of clients and target audience.

5. Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing Programs – If you want to earn handsome commission while doing digital marketing, then affiliate marketing programs are the way to go!
Learn more about the ways you can earn money as a digital: How To Earn Money Through Digital Marketing – #3 best ways

Learn How To Become A Successful Digital Marketer

The world today is super digitized. With over 1 billion online users, it is safe to say that digital media is taking over the world. It is creating tremendous opportunities for businesses to achieve success and connect with their audience. Aspiring digital marketers can tap into the market and make the most of its potential and build a solid digital marketing career.

In fact, the internet has a superabundance of information about developing a digital marketer’s career. One such course is from Udemy – The Complete Digital Marketing Course 2017. It is a comprehensive and cohesive learning program – designed to help novice digital marketers and guide them.

You can build a significant digital marketing career by:

  • Having a thorough knowledge of various marketing concepts
  • Understanding different aspects of web analytics
  • Having experience in various terminology in this platform
  • Having a complete knowledge of the primary sectors of digital marketing

Here’s a complete overview how you can become a successful digital marketer:

  • Be clear about your vision – iT IS VERY IMPORTANT!
  • Get the mandatory certifications in different domains of digital marketing: e.g., – Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Bing Ads, HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification and more.
  • Learn everything about blogging
  • Adapt the techniques of effective networking
  • Have a keen interest in the trends, changes, patterns and more in this field
  • Be active in various online communities and forums, like, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
  • Be informed about every aspect of digital media and marketing
  • Specialize and gain skills.  Take an overview of Marketing Skills 2018.

How To Measure Success Rate and Performance Of Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing offers the opportunity to measure every metric and access different analytical data to determine whether a campaign is performing or is successful.

Why digital marketing analytics matter more than web analytics? 

It is not easy to measure marketing effectiveness, but at the same time – it’s not rocket science. Many marketers – in spite of being professionals in the field – have completely misguided notion about analytics. Most of them equate marketing measuring metrics and analytics to web analytics. They consider Google Analytics as the ultimate analytic tool.

Web analytics does offer immense data and a clear insight to the technical numbers of a marketing effectiveness. However, to understand the core performance level of varied marketing campaigns, one has to look into other measuring and analytical tools and avenues, other than web analytics.

Why digital marketing analytics give you a ‘full picture’? 

Big Data Analytics is the pioneer of digital marketing analytics. It displays the credibility of different marketing activities and elements. Analytics is critical for many reasons.

It helps in viewing investment, performance, and optimization of ROI or return on investment.

Digital marketing analytics helps in clearing out questions about various marketing activities, digital channels, customer segmentation, product development, performance level, competition and more. It helps in the measurement of not only current performance but also past benchmarks too.

How digital analytics impact businesses?

Digital marketing analytics impact businesses in a huge manner. Advanced analytics guarantees to help in the improvement of performance, precision and create new purchasing trends.

Currently, businesses are spending 6.7% budget for analytics, which – according to CMO Survey – is expected to grow to 11.1% in the coming years. Big brands are boosting their marketing budget – and are predicted to spend over 70% in analytics alone in the next 4 years’ time-frame.

Why should digital marketing analysis drive your campaigns?

The metrics of digital marketing assist marketers to identify potential elements for driving effective results. They also enable marketers to explore valuable components of campaigns. campaigns drive the best value and they are easy to determine. Marketing analysis allows marketers to decipher between winning and losing elements, thereby, enabling them to make the necessary improvisation for effective results.

Here are key metrics and analytical data that you should use to measure the success of digital marketing:

Website Performance Metrics

  • Website Traffic – Measure traffic acquired via SEO or organic search. 
  • Per Visit Page Views  – The next metric and analytical data to consider is Per Visit Page View. You can use Google Analytics to check how many visitors are checking your page and what is their engagement rate.
  • Bounce Rate – Higher the bounce rate, lower the performance level of your website. It means the number of users visiting your site and leaving without engaging with it. Google takes into consideration the bounce rate to determine the status of a site. Use Google Analytics to measure the site bounce rate and avoid Google penalties at all cost.
  • User Site Engagement Rate – It is important to measure the amount of time a user spends on your site to determine whether your digital marketing campaign is driving successful result or not.

Conversion Metrics

  • Online Sales – Online Sale is the primary component of conversion. Use analytical tools, like Google Analytics to determine the online sales. You can add analytical code to your site to view the online sales and measure conversion rate.
  • Leads Generated Via Web Forms – You can analyze the success of digital marketing by measuring leads acquired via web forms. They can be “subscription to newsletter” “Appointment Scheduled” “Ask a Quote” “Service Request”, etc. Measure the number of leads and access the performance rate of your digital marketing campaign.
  • Online-Offline Store Sales – You might be selling products online, as well as, offline. And are using PPC ads to drive customers to your store. Cross-check the signup emails with the clients who made purchases in your store – to determine the online to offline store sales.

Importance of A/B testing

Whether you have an online business, digital agency or are a digital marketer, it is important to do regular test-runs and work-up the performance level in every campaign.

It is called – A/B Testing. It is the best way to optimize digital marketing campaigns and drive effective results. A/B testing is more than just a process and tool for optimization. It is used for both optimization and validation.

Tools to optimize your digital marketing efforts

  • Evernote is a software to organize your notes, to-do list and on more.
  • Trello  is a cloud-based, visual project management tool.
  • Dropbox is a cloud-based file collaborating and sharing platform.
  • Qwilr is a software to transform documents and notes into web pages for easy sharing.
  • Slack is an online real-time messaging platform that makes communication more effective and impactful than emails.

Technical Advancements in Digital Marketing and What to Keep Up With?

Digital Marketing is a combination of an advanced set of strategies, methodologies and developing technologies. Technology continues to undergo changes and development to help benefit human life, businesses, environment and the universe. It also functions with marketing protocols to improve performances and catalyze its components to drive better results.

When you are using digital marketing channels to promote your business or build brand value, you need to keep a tab on technology.

Here are a few trending aspects of digital marketing that you should understand and work with:

#1. Mobile

Mobile continues to thrive the user engagement rate. With over 15 million mobile device users in the US alone, it is soon becoming the platform for users to connect, communicate and engage with brands and business. Harness the power of mobile with your digital marketing strategy development and campaigns.

#2. New Social Media of the Millennials 

Millennials make up the majority of our world population. And they are the ones to focus on. You can connect with them via social media platforms that they are more active on. Thus, it is crucial to channelize your digital marketing strategy towards untapped social media platforms, like, Periscope, SnapChat, Instagram and amongst many.

#3. Geo-fencing 

Geo-fencing is location-based marketing technology. And one of the pioneers of this new marketing technology is BEACON. The technology help track foot traffic, user behavior, engage and communicate based on user’s physical location.

#4. Artificial Intelligence

In another decade or so, the world will completely function on AI or artificial intelligence. It is slowly taking over manual functionalities of human beings, for The drone delivery technology of Amazon, Google’s or Uber’s self-driven cars, etc.

As digital marketers, you need to automate the majority of your work to invest more time and effort in working on strategies. And AI is going to help you suffice your needs in this area.

To sum up that long introduction 

Making use of different techniques and methods of digital marketing – like, Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Analytics, etc. will help build a strong online presence, drive customers to your site, acquire existing and potential customers, generate revenue, sales and boost ROI. Use the tools and technologies strategically to drive effective results.

Digital marketing is a combination of continuous investment of time and effort. You should not expect to drive results in one day. Along with patience, you should also work on developing high-quality content and the quality of your product/service.