How To Earn Money Through Digital Marketing – #3 best ways

How To Earn Money Through Digital Marketing 

#3 Best Ways To Start Generating Online Income

Robert Grum


Last updated: October 29, 2017

Everyone wants to make more money. Full-time or part-time, it is always a joyful experience when one could access more cash. This is so because the passive cash made will help to complement the routine office job. Having said these, you should agree that merging extra work can be an off idea for some persons.

As a matter of fact, most people claim to have lesser time to manage their normal routine Job. Now, adding extra activity to that in the name of making extra money is the point. Peradventure, this happens to be your case, it will be valid to suggest to you to take advantage to the internet.

To be straightforward, the internet affords you the opportunity of working from home. To some, a home based job would mean no office routine, no boss to give unrealistic targets. To others, it may mean no skipping breakfast due to the early morning rush. Aside from these, there is enough time for personal development or anything else.

Now, making money online can be in many ways. It is dependent on your skills and interest. This article has adopted 3 strategies to guide you through the adventure. They are as follows;

  1. Making money through your own website
  2. Making money through your Social Media Platforms
  3. Making money through Freelancing platforms

Earn Money Online

#1. Earn Money Through Your Own Website

No matter what your ambition may be, either sacking your boss or working on a part-time basis, a website can help. Yes, it can help cover-up to pay the bills. In fact, it is one of the best directions to look if you want to be your own boss and start earning money online.

If you are able to publish a website with good content, then you have somehow built a kind of virtual funnels. This funnel will be a channel which leads people who are ready to pay to your doorpost.

Unlike before, there is no much technology involved in publishing your own website. Recent technologies have made it less relevant that one be a tech geek to earn money from home with a website.

For instance, Blogger and WordPress can help to publish the website without understanding HTML Even so, this is not a get rich quick scheme and you may not make much success immediately you begin. We have an easy, step-by-step guide from a web developer.

Website Monetization Models

Now that you have your website or blog running, it is good to go on monetizing it. Monetization is the technique of earning money from a website.  Every website has what is unique it to monetize. Monetization of a website depends on the site’s traffic and maturity.

So, soon as you are able to build and publish your website; as well as optimize it, it’ll then be ripe for monetization! Besides all these, you’re not restricted to making use of only one of the below techniques. You can blend a couple of the monetization ideas for the greatest earning possibility.

a. Affiliate Marketing

If you want to start earning money online, affiliate marking is one of the effective ways to achieve this. Because it is easier to introduce offers to your visitors with the hope to fascinate sales. We have many types of bidding. Two major categories of offers: Cost Per Action (CPA) and the Cost Per Sale (CPS).

At the very least, you may end up making a regular income through this technique to cover your bills on hosting. You may as well have the opportunity to switch your source of income or even some.

A simple way to start is to find a product or service you adore and also would suggest to others who visit your website. A banner or link of such product or service of the affiliate is then placed on your website. The affiliate link is to lead your subscribers to the product or service you are promoting. If it happens that the affiliate program(s) appeal to your site users, they’ll click on the link you’d displaced to buy it. The site owner at the same time you receive a split of the selling amount from the affiliate network.

The compensation could be anywhere from 30% of the cost of sale, up to as much as 70%. This means that if the commission on an eBook priced at $100 is 50%, a sale of such item will earn you $50. An impressive transaction, huh?!

Where can I find products to promote?

b. Pay-Per-Click Advertising (Google AdSense)

AdWords are the promotions that appear on top of Google search results pages. AdSense is the reverse, it enables promoters or online publishers to run adverts on their own.

The most exciting part about this technique is how easy things are. Once after sign up, Google places a code on your blog. The AdSense algorithm will crawl the content of your website and launch ads that will suit them. For instance, say your website focuses on pets; Google AdSense may display ads on pets’ foods.

One gets paid anytime a reader clicks on the advert. (It’s that simple!) Your own slice might be varying from $0 .25 to $5 per click. But, anytime your website has enough visitors, you can make hundreds (or even lots of money) monthly.

If you are interested how the PPC marketing as advertising channel works, read The Beginners Guide to Pay-Per-Click Marketing

How to apply for Google AdSense?

You can read about it here –  How to sign up for AdSense

c. Run a resource site, Promote Products or Services

Websites like Tutor and TutorVista connect learners to verified tutors. A tutor will need to go through an application process, and once you’re accepted, you can start earning money. Also, a website like Udemy connects experts with individuals who are looking for a premium.

Many businesses today grow off fresh prospects that come their way to find out about them. It is thus not strange to see these businesses lookout for innovative ways to improve reach.

For instance, assume you own a website that teaches math skills. To join the course, such a website will need that visitor’s supply information such as email and phone. You might claim that this rule is for the sake of follow-up.

Now, the supplied info can be of significant benefit to paying sponsors. You can promote products relating to what you do by partnering with paying sponsors i.e. related item.

By so doing and in the actual sense of things, you are now positioned as a matchmaker. It becomes possible for you to link your audience to any interested paid sponsors. Both your audience and paid sponsors can enjoy mutual benefits.

In this case, it doesn’t matter if visitors stop buying their product or service or declined. The paying sponsors are only looking for an avenue to this level.

Where can I find such offers?

d. Accept sponsored posts & articles

A web publisher needs to consider how best to increase site traffic to make money online. The next will be to find sponsors that will showcase their sponsor content on the website. Since their advertisement conforms to the contents of host websites, Native advertisements healthy.

Advertorials review the product of companies, that’s part advertisement. A paying sponsor may as well want you to review their app even if the business of your website is to review weblogs.

Once done, this will build a rewarding outcome. But, you need to ensure that these sponsor posts harmonizes with your site content in order not to irritate.

e. Build an ‘Email List’

The list has the money“. This is referring to your email list which consists of your loyal website visitors. The purpose here is to convert new readers who visit your site into regular followers. If you have captivating content, people would like to stay updated on your recent content.

It is agreeable that the strategy could be painstaking and only good at a long-term reward yet it is impressive. It helps to launch your website into full-fledged and lucrative business venture.

The money you are looking for is in the pockets of your website subscribers. So, it is important you keep your content engaging to ensure that your list keeps expanding. The second thing is to establish a good relationship with your followers. It is important as the more subscribers you are able to keep, is the higher the probability of making sales.

A caution to take is but never to spam your followers with irrelevant and unsolicited offers. This is the only viral effect that can kill all your list build-up in the shortest unimaginable time.

How exactly does it work?

If you are looking more information about email marketing, check our Email Marketing Overview: In-Depth Guide for Beginners

#2. Earn Money Through Social Media

The prominence of social media sites seems to have increased in recent times. We can see this right from the MySpace paradox to the admired Facebook as well as Twitter websites. An important aspect of their attraction to users is the fact that they make it easier to hook up. Individuals or brands about any location can interact and exchange communication through contents.

We have seen that teenagers make use of these free websites to communicate with pals. Families also keep in touch with their relatives through them. The interesting part for businesses is that internet marketers likewise use the medium.

a. Product placement

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Izea, and LinkedIn are an organic resort. This is so due to their very high visibility together with consistent traffic. Many websites in this category afford a painless traffic targeting experience. During marketing campaign, facilities such as polls and widgets can give flexibility.

A sure way to monetize your social media visibility is by featuring promotions. Hence,  with good followership, you can approach manufacturers and offer them product placement. The strategy affords you a great deal of attention leading to revenue and profits. This is possible if you offer some unbeatable products or services. The same concept is obtainable with video content marketing.

If you are able to succeed on this; and the offer is appealing as much as necessary, your broadcast may go viral. Another thing is that your followers will also share your content and so on.

While all others are notable for article content, YouTube offers a video alternative. You can publish videos and get the commission for advert views. You don’t have to spend money on costly video tools. All that you need is an understanding of your Smartphone’s video facility to publish your videos. Thereafter opt for advert placement to attract certain commission per each video watch.

If you have expertise in any topic or subject area, you could build a website and offer your knowledge. You can as well make token through adverts. Hence, the prospect of this method of earning money online is high.

Producing video clips as well as publishing on YouTube gives your video a good prospect. First, it enables your recorded content to earn views on YouTube itself. From that point, Google will not only index your content but fellow publishers also use your work. They can refer to it in their post and share it on social media platforms. This will earn you good visibility that can translate to sales.

Having said these, it is imperative to say that not all videos require millions of views to pull traffic. Rather, a planned call-to-action might be the magical strategy. After view, telling viewers where to go, what action to perform, and why they need to do these can lead to sales.

b.Video Blogging 

Video blogs (also known as Vlog) are not only for entertainment purpose; one can make real money as a Vlogger. Have you got comprehensive knowledge when it comes to a particular area of activity? If yes, then you are good to go!. Rather than post on YouTube as earlier mentioned, you can vblog on your own website.

If you have a course to project, offering your videos for a premium won’t be an odd idea. The site like Linda and Udemy do something similar. In fact, you will be doing the same thing!

For instance, your website can provide video clips on graphics, music, sewing and so on. The moment you prepare your video and set for publication, you can monetize your content (in this case video content) in these few ways:

  1. Advertise a product/service you sell.
  2. Make use of the video content to give factual information. The next is to provide the audience the directive to subscribe for more info which will go for a token premium.
  3. Increase traffic to another page through the use of links. As one video concludes, you can display a link to other products you are marketing but still on your site. That is where you are likely to use the phrase “People also watched”.
  4. Search for sponsors to buy advert session. Place their commercial during the video. You can make use of the “logo” element within the video clip or at the conclusion of your video clips.
  5. Broadcast your video content through many outlets. Approve various other online publishers the privilege to feature your video content. You can offer them a commission on any lead generated back to your site or product sold through them.
  6. Embrace sponsorship/marketing campaigns from businesses considering making contact with your audience.

#3. Earn money through Freelancing

Over 1/3 of the US labor force now are freelance service providers, based upon a very recent study. Consider this—40% of America working class are freelancers, holding job contracts clients. A typical freelancer’s thought is centered around the mix—writing, graphic design, consulting—but it is not limited to these.

After studying freelance project listings over the years, below are some stunning facts regarding freelance assignments these days.

  • There’s a whole lot of diversity in the major sectors for freelance careers.

The leading sectors for freelance careers are education and learning, writing and submitting, translation, graphics programs, consultation, information technology, finance, web and application creation, entertainment, health and fitness, and even products or services sales as well as advertising and marketing. However, this collection incorporates long-time freelance specials for instance authorship and also graphic programs.

  • Those firms often overlooked hires more than the celebrated businesses.

HuffingtonPost in their research of top 55 firms hiring for freelance assignment came to realize that although popular brands made the top list, most hirings was done by some anonymous brands. This is not to mean that these firms are inferior in terms of service, but rather coverage

  • Most of the today’s freelance job opportunities did not exist a decade ago.

What’s an internet Search operation Evaluator? It’s a freelance task we notice offered for sale very often nowadays, wherein freelancers are recruited to execute intensive internet inquiry in order to find out if the company’s search engine results are productive not to mention authoritative, even so, it such a job specification didn’t are in existence a decade in the past.

Social Networking Specialists are usually freelancers engaged to assist internet games as well as social community flourish by moderating comments, customer caring, together with troubleshooting complications. Online Educators are now able to tutor a vast selection of lessons online—math, science, and technology, languages etc. Of course, technological innovation has made freelancing an exciting experience.

  • The majority of freelancers rake in the same if not more when compared with what they earn in their regular work.

Based on this recent extensive study of freelancers, “Seventy-seven percent claimed they make an approximate amount with freelancing when compared with their previous routine job— suggesting that this manner of service offering seem more lucrative when compared to conventional employment.” This is sure good news for as many that may want to consider this career path.

  • Pretty much one-half of freelancers as well hold on to “traditional” works.

A lot more great news in the event that you’ve been getting scared with regards to getting into freelancing—it is however risky to jump in without testing the waters! Of the 53 million freelancers in the US, 14.3 million are categorized just as “Moonlighters” for the reason that they as well maintain their routine office work. Moreover 9.3 million are classed to be “Diversified Workers” for the reason that they port from freelancing to part-time traditional works and vice versa.

Freelance job opportunities along with the bunch of individuals freelancing are forecasted to keep on increasing. Freelancing is certainly a totally different job prospects as compared to the past, and also for all those who wish to commence or thinking about it.

We are now to talk about using various platforms to sell your work for what online advertising needs. Promoting and marketing your offerings is the ideal concept to uncover superior paying clientele besides being in the position to create repeating as well as regular income if you are able to put another couple of factors in position.

Publish a blog site

Launch a blog site and promote your expertise. In cases where you are providing content creation solutions, begin a blog site to concentrate on crafting website content with the intent to captivate your clientele. After that set up a highly effective work portfolio with your content creation extracts to transform a mere visitor to a loyal subscriber and thus paying client.

Take advantage of the effectiveness of social media marketing

Spend ample time on social networking websites like for example Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the likes; including connecting with other blog publishers, you will end up being stunned with the outcomes should there be well-built acquaintances.

Use freelance platforms to sell your skill

Freelancing is most certainly one the most effective ways to make money online. It’s a subject matter authority form of job scope in which you make money online based on contract terms by authoring quality content for businesses or otherwise. A huge number of freelancers all around the globe are earning a lot of money on a monthly basis.

Of course, identifying with this manner of job concept, one should have acquired sufficient competence in a discipline of interest. Popular websites to consider in this regard are:


Fiverr has grown to be the world’s biggest community for individuals to earn money from home offering modest solutions (called ‘gigs’).’

Services you provide just might utterly be on anything, from creative writings and transcribing, social media marketing and publications, music production, voice overs etc!

The pre-programmed pricing is $5 (thus Fiverr.), but the truth is you can easily add additional features to gigs to get more bucks. Although it may perhaps not consider as a great deal, it could actually accumulate even there are millions of instances of individuals achieving an awesome living from the platform. The fundamental is simply to put in place a technique which regulates the timing on each and every task.

There is, however, an extra way to increase earnings much more from Fiverr for perhaps even significantly less effort. So in what way? This can be done simply by marketing gigs on other websites. Just to illustrate, look for a good logo creator after that respond to projects on Upwork or alternatively community yellow pages. A $5 investment with much less effort could turn out to be $100+, and also it’s repeatable!


Upwork is amongst the most influential freelance platforms to search for projects available from all categories. Computer programmers, creative designers, authors, IT experts, translators, legal professionals, investment experts–freelancers are welcome to create an account and one can find plenty of projects enough to go round. The site allows setting up a user profile promptly as well as asking for the hourly fee or even assigning price range for each task to handle for client thereafter you receive a rating based on client satisfaction.


Outsourcing continues to be considered to be one of the highly recommended approaches to earning money online. As earlier established in this article, you able to earn lots of money in freelancing with as a sideline career, per hour job opportunities or even steady responsibilities on whichever you choose to work: short-term or perhaps extended contracts. In terms of how much it really is, Freelancer .com happens to be the busiest freelancing market ever since the year 2004 which is where businesses or bosses may seek the services of freelancers as well as reward them for their input on tasks.


This is a pretty wide virtual community that links businesses together with freelancers. The platform clearly stated it on their website that their focus is on “technical, innovative and even business projects”, hence there is enough chance for all sorts of service providers from computer programmers as well as video game designers to transcribers, technicians, and even legal professionals.

People per Hour

Prepare a compelling portfolio, search for job opportunities, put forward propositions to clients with a short video clip for your skill and expert services. It’s totally simple and easy with PeoplePerHour–you bid on projects, get a buyer, furnish a top notch service and afterward receive ratings and reviews.


Create a user account and make a selection from seventy-five distinct career classes; with many subcategories in each. On uniqueness with oDesk is usually that task on the platform involve no invoicing – your task is monitored on auto-pilot so you get your pay weekly based on the length of time spent on executed tasks.


For many, employment quite frankly should be in an office environment, production line, retail store, and perhaps various other locations that are standalone from home. For others, an ‘in-home’ office environment is a nice location for a supplementary job.

Today, there exist many online income generating schemes so just any individual with a working laptop or computer plus access to the internet can start earning money online. Like we discussed, one can make money through launching a website, through social media product placement; which also includes video blogging, and of course through some notable freelance platforms.

However, despite the fact that many opportunities are available, not all are best for all situations. Many factors determine what will actually be suitable; like what manner of the website you are operating as well as the amount of time you have available.

Although earning money online might appear complicated or tedious initially, all that is needed to ‘break even’ is just within dedication and an understanding of the monetization method to apply in your case. It is also good to be cautious of scams, not over-work yourself by planning a suitable work-life balance.

Thank you for interest!