The Complete List of Programs and Platforms to Achieve Real Results Online

Robert Grum


Last updated: August 23, 2017

Nearly every business today requires an online presence. If you don’t want that presence to stagnate and your website to fall to the bottom of the search engines, some commitment to digital marketing is essential.

The term, digital marketing, encompasses every facet of online marketing. Knowing each aspect of digital marketing, and how each should fit with your business goals, will help you to achieve those goals.

We’ve grouped the many aspects of digital marketing, often referred to as channels, into twelve broad categories. We have then handpicked marketing tools which are available online. These tools can each help you to make the most of your marketing channels. Accelerating your digital marketing will help you to achieve real results online.

Digital Marketing Tools

Marketing online is about using the routes, and tools available, to create, distribute and share content. This includes brand messages, and sales collateral, through which you can reach your target audience, peers and influences.

Brands mature via successful digital marketing, followers are grown and conversions are made. Good tools are fundamental for the work of a digital marketer, amateur or professional.

Top 10 Tools for Digital Marketing

There are many tools on the web, which can help you to analyze your marketing channels, and utilize these avenues effectively. Helping you to grow your business, and increase sales. Here’s a top ten round-up:

#1. SEMrush

With SEMrush you can conduct keyword research, track keyword ranking, discover backlinks, check your competitor rankings and importantly, do a complete SEO audit. You can discover how your, and other websites are positioned in the search engines.

Begin to understand what other websites do to get themselves ranking in the search engines, then build your knowledge into your own digital marketing strategy.

SEMrush backlink tool checker

Discover SEMrush

SEMrush has free and paid account options, so you can try out many of the features, and start to delve into your website, and competitor SEO without committing to a subscription.

For amateur digital marketers, with a single website, the free account may well be enough, unless you are planning a complete SEO campaign yourself.

SEMrush also has powerful tools for paid advertising, you can build your keywords for Google Adwords, remove conflicting, or cross-negative keywords, create ads, and track results. 

#2. BuzzSumo

With Buzzsumo you can accelerate your content marketing, and find all important influencers in your niche to reach out to. With their content research feature, you can either, search by domain and discover that websites most viral and successful content.

Or, search by topic and find out the leading content in that sector. By using both you can find out what content is working for your competitors, or within your industry, who it’s successful with, and understand a little of why.

Using this information, you can focus your own content. You can also quickly follow, and even interact, on social media with, the content creators you find.


Get ideas from Buzzsumo

The “Influencers” features go further, view a list of influencers for a topic, then start to either interact directly with them or build a list of influencers for your marketplace to approach later.

Buzzsumo has many other features, including content curation, and brand monitoring. You can try a few searches for free, take up a limited free trial, or consider one of their paid plans for full access at the level you need.

#3. Ahrefs

Using Ahrefs can help with your keyword research, content research, link building, and competitor and keyword monitoring. Ahrefs allows you to view the keywords your competitors rank for, and how much traffic they gain from that.

A “Content Gap” feature identifies keywords your competitors are levering well, but you are not.


Check Ahrefs

They have a database of 3 billion keywords, with statistics for each to help with identification and selection. Ahrefs pride themselves on the largest index of backlinks – see who your competitors link from, and copy their success, with link building and outreach.

They also have a content explorer, rank tracker, and allow you to set up alerts when something changes for you, or the competitors you identify.

Free trial available, and several pricing packages for single users, and multiple users/sites.  Their strongest feature by far is the breadth of their backlink data.

#4. Google Analytics

Google’s basic suite of web applications, including Google Analytics is free and very powerful. Google Analytics measures your website traffic. You can see who visits your site, where they live, how they find your site, and what they do while they are browsing. With a little familiarity, you can work out which of your marketing tactics are working, which of your web pages are the most popular and start to assess your conversion rates.

You can also determine the path of your converting visitors. The information is displayed in easily customisable graphs, or charts, and builds into a set of data. You can use this data to refine your marketing activity, and the content and structure of your website, for better results.

Google analytics audience view

Go to Google Analytics

There are over 50 reports available quickly. Google Analytics is essential for any website owner, it takes a little setting up as there are tracking codes, which will need to be placed on your websites build to enable Google to do its thing.

It can be mastered relatively quickly, no matter how much experience you have, or you can have your web developer do this for you.

#5. Open Site Explorer

If you are getting the hang of digital marketing and looking to develop links to your website, Open Site Explorer is a good place to start. With Open Site you can research backlinks, find link-building opportunities, and discover any bad or damaging links.

Open site explorer view in moz

Discover Moz Open Site Explorer

You can use Open Site Explorer for a few searches a day completely free, if you need it more, then Moz Pro gives unlimited searching and advanced reporting.

Open Site Explorer is a link analysis tool, which allows you to explore any webpage, including your own, or your competitor websites. When you search for a domain in the application Moz produces powerful metrics. Using these metrics you can discover how your competitors gain so many valuable inbound links.

When you know who is giving your competitors the links they need to hit the top of Google, you can target your outreach to them or similar sites. Maybe these sites are publishing content written by your competitors, and linking back – now you know who they are, you could get them to do the same for you.

#6. HubSpot

Hubspot has a powerful but highly priced suite of digital marketing applications, but they also have a useful free “arsenal of tools” for converting website visitors into leads. They incorporate the creation of contact forms and pop-ups with powerful analytics, demonstrating how capturing a website visitors email address can deliver powerful data.

When a website visitor shares their email address Hubspot delivers key information to help you follow up with that customer. After viewing your customer information, and their behavior on your site, you know exactly how to convert them.

Hubspot dashboard view

Go to HubSpot

Hubspot will also show which content is bringing the most conversions, discover how successful your offers, articles, landing pages, and site pages are. Hubspot will also integrate with submissions via contact forms from other tools, so if you have already begun your inbound marketing, it will still work for you.

#7. Canva

Visual content is an important part of digital marketing. The most viral content on social media is often visual, and customers respond better, and faster to graphics versus text.

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and images are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.

Canva how to make infographic

Discover Canva

Canva has paid plans, but its free option is powerful, and full-featured. You can design presentations, social media graphics, headers, book covers, posters and more. There are hundreds of easy to use templates and a million stock images available at $1 each. You can use your own photo’s, edit, and filter them. Add shapes, text, and icons, and choose from a wide range of fonts to deliver your design. Create, save and share. Canva has lots of learning material available for budding graphic designers, but boast an easy 23 seconds learning curve to produce your first graphic.

#8. Sniply

Sniply is a useful little tool for adding a pop-up button to any link you share. If you are sharing content on social media, and other websites, Sniply lets you add a powerful one-click message to drive visitors back to your website. You add your custom call-to-action to every social post, website, and share, while customers read your shared content, they can discover your website link, and click!

Sniply frontpage

Go to Sniply

Sniply lets you monitor engagement, and track your results through click, and conversion statistics. You can find out quickly how many people click through from content you have created, or curated from across the web. When you promote other websites, you can also promote your ow,n and get the best return from curated content. Sniply has a 14-day free trial, and a range of pricing options to suit each size of business.

#9. Convertkit

ConvertKit is an email marketing program created by bloggers for bloggers. It’s particularly suited for those with a wealth of content to share, but is also useful for eCommerce stores, and other businesses. It goes against the grain of more generic email marketing platforms, or apps that focus on many different areas, not just email marketing.

ConvertKit has simple to use features, and automated solutions. It’s designed to keep a personal touch, but still generate income from your email list.

Convertkit email marketing platform

Discover ConvertKit

The app integrates with over 35 other apps, and Zapier can be used where there are any gaps. It has a 30-day trial, then pricing is based on the number of email addresses in your lists, and not the number of emails you send. They also have a useful transferring service if you are already using another email marketing program.

The service is free with their larger packages or available on request with smaller pricing options.

#10. CrazyEgg

Crazy Egg is an innovative tool for website analytics. Instead of graphs, and charts Crazy Egg displays your web traffic via a heat map, set against your webpage. The quick visual display is easy to interpret and perfect for new digital marketers.

Crazyegg heatmap tool

Go to Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is like a “pair of x-ray glasses”.

You can view, via a heat display, and on page metrics, how users click and scroll through your website. On an alternative display, colored dots show traffic from different channels, Google, Facebook or Google+ for example. You can see where visitors click, even if it’s not a linked item. Find out how people truly respond to your web design, allowing you to make intuitive changes.

There are four addictive heatmaps available to view – Heatmap, Confetti, Scrollmap, and Overlay. Crazy Egg is easy to set up, designed for newbies and has a 30-day free trial.

Basic paid plans cover 10,000 visitors and 10 web pages, so are suitable for start-ups and amateur digital marketers.

Website Tools

Google Keyword Planner –  A free keyword research tool powered by Google AdWords. It helps you find keywords, search volume, average CPC, keyword competitiveness, and much more about any keyword of your choice.

Google Keyword Planner

Trends – Free trend finding tool by Google that helps you find latest global as well as local trends and data on pretty much everything that’s happening or has happened on the internet in the past.

Webmaster Tools – Interested in monitoring Google Search results data for your website? Register free and enter a new world. It provides you details on search analytics, crawling, indexation, backlinks, HTML improvements, and more.

Analytics – A free analytics web-based tool for webmasters to track and measure their search, ad, and social analytics. Of course, it is free to use.

Sheets – Use Excel on the go with Google Sheets. Free to use and share. It helps you keep track of everything related to sheets.

Tag Manager – A free tag management tool by Google for marketers and businesses. Control all website tags from one dead simple dashboard.

Sumo – A collection of multiple free as well as paid tools that help you build an email list and grow website’s traffic. It includes tools like popups, smart bar, subscription forms, etc.


Hello Bar – A list building and lead generation easy-to-use tool that doesn’t cost a penny to get started. Collect leads like never before.

Mobile-Friendly Test – A free instant test by Google to check if your website is mobile-friendly. It shows you how your website appears on mobile and gives suggestions on how to fix issues.

TablePress (WordPress plugin) – A free WordPress plugin that allows you to create tables without any coding. You can create, insert, and manage tables like an expert.

GTMetrix – A free website speed testing tool. It analyzes your website and tells you what action you should take to improve speed.

SimilarWeb – A market intelligence web-based tool that lets you spy on competitors, inspect industry trends, find opportunities, and identify trends. It comes with a free version.


Am I Responsive? – Free tool that checks your website’s responsiveness. You can check how your website looks on different devices.

Chrome Developer Tools – Collection of tools that are built in Google Chrome to help you track and fix issues with your website like code optimization.

Landing page builder

Samcart – Paid landing page builder that requires zero effort on your end.

Leadpages – An awesome landing page builder tool that’s highly recommended. It is the leading drag-and-drop page builder with several features like A/B testing, integration, tons of templates, and more. It is way more than your traditional landing page builder rather you can create customized sites and stores where you can collect payments with its built-in payment processor feature. It hardly takes a few minutes to create a highly professional landing page with Leadpages. The best part, it comes with 14-days free trial.


#Highly recommended

OptimizePress – Take your landing pages to next level with OptimizePress. Though it is a paid tool, it offers a lot of flexibility.

Analytics Tools

The Search Monitor – A massive paid all-in-one tool to monitor everything from a single dashboard including SEO, SMM, brand reputation, analytics, and more.

Keyhole – Paid real-time hashtag tracker tool for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Kissmetrics – Paid analytics tool to analyze the behavior of your audience. It helps you engage with your customers at a new level.


Siteliner  – Free duplicate content checker powered by Copyscape. It also inspects broken links, redirects, and provides a ton of suggestions.

UserTesting – Paid customer engagement tool that provides you with real testimonial videos of people using your website and/or products.

Webtrends – Paid website optimization and analytics tool to measure, test, and grow your website.

KnowKlick – Paid tool for measuring digital marketing success, customer journey, behavioral analysis, and more.

Adobe Analytics – A gigantic and powerful collection of analytic tools that come at a price. It helps you measure everything ranging from website design to customer support.


MixPanel – Freemium product analysis and user journey and optimization tool that monitors traffic from mobile and web.

Formisimo – Paid analytics tool that analyzes forms on your website.

SEO Tools

SEMrush – Freemium competitive intelligence tool that helps you with SEO, SMM, PPC, competitor spying, and much more. It is an all-in-one marketing suite that tracks and analyzes every aspect of any website that you enter. It offers you with some of the best SEO tools such as backlink analysis, organic search analysis, SERP analysis and tracking, keyword research, on page SEO checker, and much more. You can use it free for with limited access.


#Highly recommended

Link Assistant – A freemium all-in-one SEO suite that comes loaded with multiple software. It lets you monitor rankings, audit your website for optimization, backlink analysis, in-depth reporting, and competitor spying. It is one of the most powerful SEO tools out there that can be downloaded on your computer, this makes it easier to stay updated about your website’s SEO throughout the day.

#Highly recommended

Majestic – Freemium link analysis web-based tool. It gives you full control over link analysis, keyword research, and several other features.

Moz – The largest community of marketers and a huge collection of freemium SEO tools that will help you with SEO, link building, content marketing, and more.

Ahrefs – Freemium SEO suite that allows you to check ranking, backlinks, keyword analysis, competitor analysis, and more. Ahrefs is a complete package for marketers.

All In One SEO Pack (WordPress plugin) – Freemium WordPress plugin that helps you optimize your website and webpages for better search engine ranking. It offers complete support for on-page SEO for WordPress websites. If you’re using WordPress, it is a must-have plugins that you shouldn’t go without. Some of the leading features include sitemap submission, URL and redirection management, HTML tags optimization, and API support.


Site Analyzer – Paid tools to help you with SEO. It offers you with rank tracking, keyword research, backlink analysis, and several others tools at a single place.

Screaming Frog – Freemium website crawler that detects errors such as broken links, duplicate content, missing tags, crawl issues, and more.

Serpstat – Freemium growth hacking tool that analyzes a whole bunch of things such as backlinks, keywords, content, SERP ranking, competitors, and more. A highly recommended tool to keep full track of your website from a single dashboard. It gives you full access to your website’s SEO and also lets you inspect your competitors.


#Highly recommended

Link building

Buzzstream – It is a paid link building web-based tool that helps you find, connect, and manage relationships that lead to link building opportunities. A must have if you’re interested in pure white hat backlinks.

Raven Tools – A highly recommended paid tool to generate marketing reports for better understanding. It offers some of the best solutions such as backlink research report, crawl statistics, stored links, competitor backlink analysis, and more. It has different tools for marketers such as marketing platform, site auditor, marketing reports, and several others. Give it a free try for 14-days.

Raven tools

#Highly recommended

Link Research Tools – Paid real-time link analysis and optimization too. It lets you analyze backlinks, inspect link quality, monitor backlinks, and more.

Wordtracker’s Link Builder – Paid link building too that help you identify link opportunities with a few simple clicks.

Keyword research

Wordtracker – Paid keyword research tool that claims to be the best alternative to Google Keyword Planner. It is best for identifying long-tail keywords.

Long Tail Pro – One of the best paid keyword tools out there. It comes with several features such as custom difficulty targets, real-time filtering, and more. If you’re looking for long-tail profitable keyword in your niche, Long Tail Pro is the recommended tool to grab. Its main strength is its ability to find several long-tail keywords based on a seed keyword that are, otherwise, hard to find. This makes it a perfect keyword research tool for new sites that are in need of less competitive keywords. You can try it at no cost.


#Highly recommended

SEO Book Keyword Tool – If you cannot afford paid keyword research tools, this freemium keyword research tool by SEO Book is your best bet. – Free tool to identify LSI keywords based on any seed keyword.

Keyword Mixer – A free tool to mix different keywords in a single go.

Link Prospector – Paid tool to identify keywords that people are searching for in your industry.

PPC Marketing Tools

Google Adwords Editor – A free software for Windows and Mac that provides you full access to your PPC campaigns.

Bing Ads – Run and manage PPC campaigns on Bing. A cost-friendly option for those who cannot afford AdWords. It comes with a powerful editor that is second to none.

WordStream Adwords Performance Grader – A free tool to help you monitor and improve AdWords campaigns. It has a grading system based on over 60 factors that will grade your ad.

Wordstream Adwords performance grader

AdGooRoo – It is a paid keyword and competitor intelligence tool that will identify most profitable keywords for your PPC campaign.

iSpionage – Paid competitor research tool to spy on your competitors PPC campaigns and find the right keywords for your campaign.


AdRoll – A retargeting and prospecting platform that is trusted by 35K global advertisers.

Facebook Pixel – Facebook’s official remarketing and conversion tracking platform. It is just a pixel that you have to add to your website. 

Google Adwords – You can create your remarketing campaigns with Google AdWords right from your dashboard.

Mobile Marketing Tools

Pushwoosh – Freemium platform to automate mobile marketing. It helps you deliver push notifications to your audience.


AdMob – Google’s official advertising network for mobile apps.

Localytics – Paid mobile marketing platform that helps you with push notifications, mobile marketing analytics, and more.

AppSee – A paid app user experience optimization tool. It provides you with in-depth analytics so that you can deliver an exceptional experience to your mobile audience. 

Mobitest – Free mobile testing, performance, and measurement tool. It shows you how your URL looks on a mobile device along with several suggestions.

Social Media Tools

Buffer – Freemium social media management tool. You can schedule posts on several social networks, analyze, and improve ROI.

AdEspresso – Use this paid tool to supercharge your Facebook ads. It helps you optimize Facebook ads with its powerful analytics, A/B testing, and more.

Qwaya – This is another paid Facebook ad optimization tool makes it easier to increase ROI of your campaigns.


Social Ads Tool – If above two don’t suit you, try Social Ads Tool to manage and improve your Facebook ads.

Sproutsocial – A paid social media management tool that allows you to manage and control your social networks from a single dashboard. 

Hootsuite – It is another paid social media management tool. You can schedule, engage, collaborate, and do a whole lot of more things.

LinkedIn Ads – The official LinkedIn ad network to reach 500 million professionals worldwide.

Facebook Ads Manager – Official Facebook ad platform where you can run any type of Facebook ad campaign. – A free Google Chrome extension that allows you to be more productive on social networks. It helps you easily navigator across social networks.

Crowdbooster – Paid social media marketing platform that helps you analyze and optimize Twitter and Facebook marketing.

Audiense – A great paid tool to better understand your audience. It helps you connect with your audience across multiple channels including social networks.

AgoraPulse – A paid social media management platform that supports all the leading social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Plus, and YouTube. It helps you publish, connect, engage, schedule, analyze, and collaborate with your audience. It comes with a few amazing and unique features including competitor analysis, ads monitoring, team workflow, Facebook ROI calculator, evergreen content management, and automated moderation. It offers you a complete social CRM solution for your business. Give it a try today.


#Highly recommended

BoardBooster – Freemium platform to manage Pinterest account specifically.

Promo Republic – A paid platform that lets you create better social media content. It supports multiple social sites.

Internet Marketing Ninjas – A free tool to resize images for social networks with a single click.

Virtual Assistant

Wrike – A freemium project management tool. Use it to manage your team remotely, assign tasks, monitor them, and improve collaboration. It lets you create, plan, collaborate, and generate reports so that you can keep track of everything that your team is working on. Getting started with Wrike is simple and quick. It has an easy-to-use interface that doesn’t need a lot of training.


#Highly recommended

Todoist – Freemium task management app with a powerful to-do list feature. Integrates with several devices and browsers.

Upwork – A freemium freelancing site that helps you find and hire the best talent from around the globe.

Freelancer – If Upwork doesn’t suit you, try Freelancer. It is another freemium site to find and hire people virtually.

Indeed – Find virtual assistants easily by posting a simple job.

Photo & Video

Venngage – A freemium infographic creation site that has hundreds of templates to choose from.

Stencil – A freemium platform to create images for social media. It has one of the biggest databases of background photos, quotes, fonts, icons, and graphics. There are over 38 different custom sizes to choose from. You can create image for your blog, website, social networks, presentation, videos, and more. It comes with a Chrome extension that makes it easier to use. Create your free account today to experience a new visual world.


#Highly recommended

Snappa – Another freemium site to create and manage images and graphics for social media sites. You can create an image in less than a minute and can post it on your social media account. It comes loaded with hundreds of templates and visual assets. It has a massive library of photos, graphics, and fonts. Besides, you can upload your own images and photos too. You can connect your social media accounts and can easily collaborate with your team via Snappa by sharing designs and folders. The free version comes with 50K photos and graphics.


#Highly recommended

Atomi Systems – A freemium software for Windows and Mac that lets you create software demos, videos, and several other types of visual content. – A paid content creation tool. You can create infographics, videos, photos, illustrations, PPT, and more. – Use this freemium API and web interface to create, manage, and optimize images.

Email Marketing Tools

AWeber – One of the leading paid email marketing tools out there. It helps you build list, segmentation, autoresponder, and automating your entire email campaign. It has a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to create professional responsive email templates from scratch in just minutes. If you don’t want to create your own template, you can choose from hundreds of HTML templates. The subscriber management and subscriber segmentation are the two most amazing features that helps a lot in engaging with customers. AWeber comes with free 30-days trial to see if it is a good fit for your business.


#Highly recommended

SendGrid – Another paid email marketing tool that helps you send transactional emails. 

ConvertKit – A paid email marketing platform that will automate email marketing for you. Connecting and engaging with subscribers is a piece of cake with ConvertKit. You can create amazing forms to collect email addresses and amazing email templates to deliver personalized emails. It lets you create sequences for automated emails via its drag-and-drop interface. Managing emails is fun with ConvertKit. You can give it a free try.


#Highly recommended

MailChimp – A freemium email marketing tool. Send automated emails. Design landing pages. And more.

BananaTag – A freemium email tracking and analytics tool. It tracks emails once you send them.

Campaign Monitor – Use this paid email marketing tool to create, send, and manage email campaigns.

Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

Sniply – A paid tool that lets you add your customized CTA to any page. Monitor and track conversions easily for all the social media networks and your website. You can add a CTA to an image, form, or can keep it hidden. It allows powerful analytics and A/B testing to monitor and track conversions. Some of the other features include conversion pixel, integration, API, custom tracking, retargeting pixel, and custom scripts.


#Highly recommended

Hotjar – Freemium advanced analytics tool. It has heatmaps, feedback polls, recordings, surveys, and more.

Lucky Orange – A paid tool analytics tool that focused on why people are leaving your website without converting.

Optimizely – A paid tool that lets you experiment, analyze, personalize, and optimize conversions. It comes with several tools to help you achieve your goals.

Marketing Automation Tools

Marketo – A paid marketing tool that offers you a lot including marketing automation, email marketing, social marketing, and more.

Wyng – Paid digital marketing automation tool. It lets you create and manage digital marketing campaigns from a single dashboard.

Wishpond – Paid tool that does a whole lot of things. It has the potential to put your entire marketing strategy on autopilot. You can create landing pages, contests, lead database, manage marketing campaigns, and more. You can either use their do it yourself service or you can opt for their done for you service. In any case, it covers everything ranging from lead capturing to conversion. It is a complete suite to help you grow your business on autopilot.


#Highly recommended

GetResponse – A multi-purpose paid marketing suite that’s much more than an email marketing software for businesses. You can create landing pages, autoresponders, manage webinars, and automate customer journey. In terms of marketing automation, you can create scalable workflows based on customer journeys. These workflows doesn’t just help you with email marketing but you can incorporate them into your sales funnel. Try it free for 30-days.


#Highly recommended – A paid tool to automate customer lifecycle journey via email marketing.

Content Marketing Tools

Keyword Tool – A freemium keyword research tool that helps you find right keywords for your content. – It is a freemium content curation, distribution, and content management platform.

Feedly – Freemium news aggregator organize and read content from around the world. 

Buzzsumo – Use this paid web-based tool to find most shared and top performing content on the internet. See what works for your competitors and copy it.


Atomic Reach – It is a freemium tool that uses AI to help you create great content that will perform exceptionally well. 

Nuzzel – Use this paid tool to find content that matters the most to you. Stay updated on the go.

Apester – A paid platform that provides you with the tools to create and distribute content online.

Copyscape  Freemium plagiarism checking tool. It helps you ensure you’re posting unique content.

Content writing

Hemingway – Free app that helps you write simple and easy-to-read content by improving its readability.

Grammarly – Freemium app that lets you find and fix grammatical errors in your writing.


CoSchedule – Free headline analyzer that improves and optimizes your headlines for conversions and shares.

Text Broker – Content buying platform. Get articles as low as $1.3 per word.

Hire Writers – Hire native speakers to write content for you.

Readable – Freemium tool that helps you improve readability of your content.

Content ideas – What´s trending

Almighty Press – Freemium tool that lets you find, identify, curate, and manage trending content from the web.

Trendspottr – Paid tool that lets you find latest trends, viral content, and influencers in several niches.


Save to Pocket (Chrome extension) – Free Google Chrome extension save content for later use.

Nuzzel – Paid content discovery tool where you can find trending stories and news.

Content promotion – Digital PR

Guest Post – Paid tool that connects you with authority sites that accept guest posts. It has several tools and resources to help you with guest posting.

HARO – Free platform where you can help a report as source and get backlinks from authority sites.

Muck Rack – Paid PR software that helps you find journalists, build relationships, monitor news, and grow your business.

Cision – Paid PR and social management software to create, manage, and analyze campaigns.

Now you know the best tools to supercharge your digital marketing campaigns, start using them. Having access to these tools don’t make you a good marketer but how and when you use these tools make a great marketer. Tools are available to everyone.

You should make the best use of each one of them to stand out from the crowd.